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kajal agarwal - Literotica.com

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Vikas helps Shriya with the gym and she thanks him her way. Kajal Agarwal Gets Interviewed For Assistant Director. Sumer dominates Kajal, Rakul still serving him. and other exciting erotic stories at Literotica.com!


    Business executive meets middle-class receptionist and......


    Kajal needs Romeo's help in solving a serious problem. Vikas...

    Parineeti Chopra

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Shyam, Savita Bhabi & Kajal Ch. 01 - Literotica


Kajal squealed in delight, clapping her hands gleefully. So from the next day, Kajal would go to Shyam's place in the afternoon after lunch and spend an hour trying to understand the intricacies of those subjects.

kajal - Literotica.com


Kajal & Nisha's Adventures, continues from Part 1. I love being a Whore. Kajal's initiation continues. Shyam takes Savita. Indian sisters seduce the neighbor. and other exciting erotic stories at Literotica.com!

kajal agarwal - Literotica.com

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Kajal needs Romeo's help in solving a serious problem. Vikas and Kajal's romance hits a roadblock. Vikas gets married, they go on honeymoon. and other exciting erotic stories at Literotica.com!

Kajal Agarwal has a Problem Ch. 01 - Literotica


Kajal's orgasm was long and strong, she lost all sensation in her legs and body. No longer did she worry about staying on her feet or gripping the bedsheet. She knew she was under the strong grip of this mind-melting orgasm and she surrendered to it.

Shyam, Savita Bhabi & Kajal Ch. 09 - Loving ... - Literotica


Kajal immediately lay down on her back and waited for Shyam to take off his clothes. She still had her sari & petticoat on, crumpled, disheveled and ridden up, her legs revealed up to her knees. Her hands were crossed over her bare chest, hiding her breasts.

desi and kajal agarwal - Literotica.com


Kajal & Nisha's Adventures, continues from Part 1. and other exciting erotic stories at Literotica.com!

Shyam, Savita Bhabi & Kajal Ch. 10 - Loving ... - Literotica


Kajal had looked on as Savita had returned & shut the bedroom door behind her. When Savita had re-entered the living room she was dressed in fresh clothes, her damp hair still wrapped in a towel. She wore no makeup, but even so she looked devastatingly attractive & sexy even to Kajal.

Shyam, Savita Bhabi & Kajal Ch. 08 - Loving ... - Literotica


Kajal's face had frozen in a rictus of lust as she'd gazed at his eyes a few inches from hers. Shyam had proceeded to take his pleasure, ploughing hard into her hot, tight, wet cunt, licking and sucking her open lips, kneading and squeezing her breasts at will, lording over her until at last he too had climaxed and ejaculated spurt after spurt ...

Shyam, Savita Bhabi & Kajal Ch. 04 - Literotica


Shyam was of course very happy to see Kajal taking the initiative and held still while his cock grew harder. He rolled her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. Then, suddenly without warning, he pinched them hard.